What Smart Entrepreneurs Know: Artificial Intelligence & Why It Matters

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

How Does AI Work?

What Is Machine Learning?

How Is AI Different from Machine Learning?

Everyday Use of AI

The Future of AI for Business

How Are Businesses Using Artificial Intelligence?

Business Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • Save time: Automation is one of AI’s biggest strengths. Why waste time with simple tasks a robot can do? Spend your valuable time on big questions and long-term planning. Customers asking the same old questions? Send them a bot and don’t leave them waiting.
  • Save money: On top of dealing with customers, AI can make it easy to analyse customer data for better-than-human insight.
  • Reduce error: Believe it or not, robots make fewer errors than humans. Not only do they work 24/7 but they produce better results.
  • Long-term insight: Seeing into the future is AI’s strongest suit. From assessing market changes to predicting business trends, robots can see billions of points of data in no time. For informed decisions, AI is impossible to beat.
  • Email categorisation
  • Spam filters
  • Voice to text typing
  • Predictive personal assistants
  • Automated 24/7 customer support
  • Sales forecasts
  • Security management
  • Smart searches
  • Customer personalisation
  • Product recommendations
  • Fraud detection
  • Price optimisation
  • Personalised customer news feeds
  • Ad targeting and optimisation
  • Automated web updates
  • Predictive service to customers

AI Trends in Business

Why Bots Are Essential to Businesses

While years ago there was a focus on talking to a real person, those days are long gone with the incredible improvements in tech.

AI in E-Commerce

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

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